Harriet Harriss 

Mistresses of Architecture

Pratt SoA, 2019 - 2022


This multimedia project explored the research of the School’s women faculty members through a series of conversations, events and a workshop series open to faculty and students, and celebrating the contribution by underrepresented female-identifying faculty and alumnae at Pratt Institute and beyond, as a way of restoring leading women to their respective disciplinary canons and achieving gender parity in the profession.

In launching this initiative recognizing the legacy of women educators at Pratt Institute, the School of Architecture organized a Dinner Party-inspired gathering with individualized place settings for 41 honored guests. The event took place on Monday, March 9 at the Caroline Ladd Pratt House.

Mistresses of Pratt place settings for Sibyl Moholy-Nagy; Karen Bausman (Adjunct Associate Professor of Undergraduate Architecture, SoA); Mimi Lobell; Cynthia Davidson (Visiting Professor of GAUD). Photos by Adam Elstein

Dagmar Richter (Professor of Undergraduate Architecture, SoA) sculpting the Mistresses of Pratt place settings.